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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Solar powered charger? YES PLEASE!

If you're an outdoors sport mom... this is a must have!   Check out this solar charger here.  

And it's SO much more than just a charger!!!  I can't tell you how many baseball games I've been to and my phone died.. and so did my portable charger.  Uh oh.... whose going to get photo of my adorable player now??  Who is going to post updates on facebook???  I KNOW, right?!  

The front of this charger is the solar panel.  Yup, charges with the sun or a bright light.  
This is what the solar charging panel looks like ^^^^^.  Isn't it cute?!

It has shiny flashing light up lights that let you know it's working and how charged up it is.  

It has a light at the bottom, use as a flashlight!  

It has not one but TWO charging ports!!!  Since hubs or my mom usually needs to charge up too! 

It's very rugged, very well made and sturdy!  Comes with  a short charging cord and carbine clip.    It even has a COMPASS on the back!  They thought of everything with this charger. 

Isn't it sweet?? I love it.   If you use a more powerful charging cord, you get even better charging times with it too.  
I received this charger at a discounted rate for my unbiased and honest review!  

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