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Monday, October 17, 2016

Amazon Reivews.... I'm still reviewing!

The reviewing world was turned upside down when Amazon announced incentivized reviews were no longer allowed.  Wait... what?  

It took all of us a few days to come up with a new plan.  A new strategy.  A new way of reviewing.  Amazon really hurt the small seller, I feel really bad about that.  So as reviewers, we're doing ALL we can to still market and get the word out about their products.  I LOVE blogging... I think this is BETTER than Amazon reviews!  Take that Amazon.

I got 4 products to review from "Review Kick", which has been renamed "jump send".  

I got a box of practice baseballs.... Say what??  My 2 baseball player sons were very happy!   My oldest is a varsity player and said these are fantastic balls.   He's a pitcher so he would know!  Really well made and laces are great. 

12 baseball in a box stamped with "practice".  You can see these quality baseballs here.  

From baseballs.... to bug zapping!  I have no shame and don't feel bad for zapping bugs!  I live in Michigan and they're horrible Spring - Fall.  

I got a bug zapper that actually screws into a light socket.  Genius!  You can use this for indoor or outdoor use.  It works as a light and a zapper.  Check it out here.   BBBBZZZZZZZZZZZZ

I got a pizza peel!!!  I've been wanting one of these for so long.  I have a pizza stone and REALLY needed something to transfer my pizza from my prep area to the stone.  This one is amaze-balls.  Made out of a really nice wood and a perfect shape scooping up the pizza.  I use this to get frozen pizza's out of the oven too, works great!!!  

See it here.   

And last but not least, a meal prep glass dish!  I'm loving going back to "basics" and getting GLASS dishes!  No plastic to worry about when microwaving.  Or just plain ole storing your food.  This dish comes with a great locking and sealing lid.  This part is plastic, don't put it in the oven!  LOL.  Lid is easy to snap on and use.  Glass was in perfect condition upon arrival. 

So there you have it!  My review items -- I got some really great stuff didn't I?!!  So glad reviewing is not dead, and I'm still getting products! 


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