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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

#FANICE baby blanket and baby wash cloths.

Need a nice baby gift?   I got this blanket and baby wash cloths on Amazon. BABY BLANKET
This is a photo of the blanket

I love the material!   Nice texture and would be great to hold up to plenty of washings!  

The wash cloths are a similar material and a nice big size when opened.  Comes in 5 colors and nice and thin but durable for baby's bath!

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Monday, July 3, 2017

Pet products from Mihachi on Amazon

                                                    Pet mat

This mat is AMAZING!  Super soft, large loops and a great size!   This works really well to catch the first few muddy and dirty steps the dogs make into the house!  Great for the car too!

This blanket is SO SOFT and cuddly!!  My dog LOVES it.  And so do I... it's really nice.  lol. Perfect for area's where pets lay or in the car.  

These are SO MUCH FUN!  My dog actually wears them.   She loves to go for car rides and stick her head out the window.  She almost always catches a bug or two as we go down the road!  These keep her eyeballs safe!  

Super great price on rawhide dog bones!  These are my favorite since they're smaller and less likely to make dog choke! Great price and my dogs LOVE them! 

How cute is this collar!!!  Perfect for cat, but pretty small to fit a dog.  Super cute and well made. 

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Yoga Socks Non Slip Grips Socks

                          Yoga Socks Non Slip Grips Socks

Cute and comfortable socks!  Nice tread on the bottom, fit nice and super comfy. 

Pink or Black!

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Mini Fridge 6 Can Cold Mini Cooler and Warmer Portable Car Refrigerator

Mini Fridge 4 Litre 6 Can Cold Mini Cooler and Warmer Portable Car Refrigerator

This little fridge is the perfect traveling companion!!  My new 2017 Equinox has a car charger port in the back seat.  The kids plug this in, fill with favorite pop cans and we're good to go!  No messing with ice and leaking bags.  

AND, it does cold OR hot!  Put your cold drinks in, or something hot to snack on later!  

We LOVE this.  Traveling to Disney World from Michigan to Florida and this will for sure be a welcome addition! 

I'm thinking I have an A/C adapter somewhere... thinking I need to keep some cold drinks in the bedroom!  Or out by the campfire.  LOTS of uses. 

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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

#Kangaroo giant teddy bear

I got a big discount and couldn't resist getting this for Camden!  He's 12 and LOVES IT!  He sits with it, sleeps with it and of course since he's a boy... wrestles with it!  LOL 

Comes vacuum packed.  He's SUPER soft and well made.  GREAT purchase! 

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#Sanniu LED Starry Fairy Lights Copper Wire Battery operated

I love these fairy lights!  One might say... I'm addicted.  They're so easy to display and use absolutely anywhere!  They're flexible, burn cool and even come with a remote!  This set is super long.  Great quality, well made and works perfectly!!  

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#Gloous Men's Fashion Casual Jeans Shorts

Men's shorts!   I got these for my teen-aged son.  He loves them! He didn't even have to wear them for years to get the torn and worn look.  LOL.  These fit true to size and are made of a great material.  Well sewn and well made.  

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