Monday, February 8, 2016

A fantastic water bottle!!! My baseball player loves it. #SteadyDoggie

Holy smokes, this is huge! I got it for my son that plays a lot of baseball, he loves it!

 * I LOVE that it has 2 different tops!!! He uses the "pour" type of spout when he's playing games or working out. He drinks white a bit of water when he's active. He uses the straw side when he's just sipping something at home. 
 * He doesn't really drink hot drinks, mostly cold. So we've tested the cold factor, it DOES keep your drinks cold! 
* It has a pretty wide mouth on it, so you can get ice cubes in it. I usually put in a lot of ice and he keeps filling it up. Holds 20 oz which is a pretty decent amount.
 * love the clip on it so you can clip it to your bag, or keep the second top attached to it. 
* stainless steel and BPA free, this mom loves that!! 
*well made and SUPER sturdy. This is going to stand the test of time and abuse from a 15-year-old!!!

 We love it!!! I would highly recommend this product!! I did receive this bottle for free in exchange for my HONEST and unbiased review. 


LOVE these bowls I just picked up!!! #

WOW, when they say "high quality" they really mean it!!! These bowls are incredible. I have some plastic bowls in my cupboard... these are NOTHING like those.
** These have really thick and sturdy plastic. ** Generous sizes! I made a huge batch of salsa and had tons of room left in the medium sized one. The salsa FILLED my cuisinart food processor. ** the lids actually fit down into the bowls! It takes a little getting used to getting them on right. You kind of have to "burp" the lid in the middle. But it gets all the air out and you get a nice tight fit. It lays nice and flat so you can store them on top of each other in the fridge. ** this cancer survivor loves that they're BPA free! ** I also love that I can throw them in the dishwasher. These are super sturdy and will stand up to plenty of washings!!! super super happy, I highly recommend this! Seriously, I LOVE THEM. I received this at a discount in exchange for my HONEST and unbiased review. ALL words and views are my own.

GRAB some today at:
You'll LOVE them!!!!

Sunday, January 31, 2016

A great product for your dog! #fishoilforpets

I was given a product to try for the dogs!!  I got some cod liver oil by NutraCanis.  Their oil for dogs is wild caught off the shores of Iceland and is FRESH!  It doesn't smell at ALL fishy or nasty.  My dogs loved it.  And it has so many health benefits for your pets!  Dogs or cats!   From the company Amazon page:
 MORE NUTRIENT DENSE THAN OTHER FISH OILS*** NutraCanis Healthy Cod Liver Oil is nutrient packed with important Omega 3's EPA and DHA. It also contains beneficial vitamins A & D. This combination gives our Cod Liver Oil more bang for your buck! Other fish oils typically contain a fish oil pressed from the flesh only. Our oil is freshly extracted for the healthy and nutrient dense livers of wild caught cod. This is where the true health benefits lie for your pets.

Check out this fantastic product for your dogs!  Check out the product here:


Sunday, January 24, 2016


I got some FANTASTIC silverware to test from Liberty tabletop!!!  Not only are these products made in the USA, but they're committed to being "America's Flatware Company"!   That means all of their products are made right here in America... NO more outsourcing.

One way their doing that is by selling their products by direct sales.  So ANYONE can make some money by promoting and selling their silverware.

The silverware are AMAZING!  Very heavy duty and well made.  Top of the line stainless steel, this will last you a lifetime.   Truly high Quality stuff!!!

Here's a photo of what they sent me:
Such a classic and timeless pattern, it'll never go out of style!  And look at the nice box they come in, fabulous for gift giving.

Check out their website here:


Saturday, January 16, 2016

Product review tester!

My new "job".   I'm going to be testing products and posting about them on here!  I've tried some REALLY amazing products lately.  Here's some photos!  

Look at all this cool stuff!!!  I'll be sharing about all KINDS of stuff.   And how to get them too!   Egg poachers, pet products, kitchen utensils, beauty prodcuts, and so much more!  Much more to come...

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

More Treasre Box projects

 Lucky Me paper piecing set.  I think this is going to go on a layout for my kitty, since his name is Lucky! 

Super Gamer!!  I love this set based on Mario Bros!  How FUN!!!  
this is my oldest son Ryan.  We're a baseball family.  I love how this turned out!  File is called Batter Up!
This file is called Accessories Tools.  I made the title myself in SCAL.  
 These Easter imgages are from the Easter Buddies files.  I made a necklace, zipper pull and some magnets for the fridge! 
 From the same file, the basket buddies!  So cute!!!! 

 ER visit.
I made some paper flowers for my mom and added a bunny on the front.  Bunny is from Eater Train.  
thanks for stopping by!!! 

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Board Game - Life

File by Treasure Box Designs