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Monday, October 10, 2016

Lap Desk Review

So I got this Lap Desk to review.  

I thought, sure I'll give it a try.  I might like it.  OH EMM GEEE, I love it!   I've been working from home for years, why didn't I get one of these years ago??  It's a faux leather, it feels nothing like leather, but I like it.  lol.  My laptop or anything that I put on here doesn't slide around.  For extra security for something like a cell phone or something "rolly" like a pen, there is an elastic band on the left hand side.  It's nice and snug and sewn to the board well.  The size of the desk is perfect for me.   I have a large laptop too, 15.6".

Underneath is a soft Styrofoam bead stuffed bag.   I wish this part was stuffed more.  It's comfy, just a little small.  The board seems to end up on my lap a lot.   But it's ok!

I've used this EVERY day since I got it.   My youngest son and I fight over it, he loves it too.  He loves to use it for his homework too.  Works for meals too... it's multi purpose.  Love this!

I received this for free in exchange for my honest opinion.

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