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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

#Kangaroo giant teddy bear

I got a big discount and couldn't resist getting this for Camden!  He's 12 and LOVES IT!  He sits with it, sleeps with it and of course since he's a boy... wrestles with it!  LOL 

Comes vacuum packed.  He's SUPER soft and well made.  GREAT purchase! 

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#Sanniu LED Starry Fairy Lights Copper Wire Battery operated

I love these fairy lights!  One might say... I'm addicted.  They're so easy to display and use absolutely anywhere!  They're flexible, burn cool and even come with a remote!  This set is super long.  Great quality, well made and works perfectly!!  

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#Gloous Men's Fashion Casual Jeans Shorts

Men's shorts!   I got these for my teen-aged son.  He loves them! He didn't even have to wear them for years to get the torn and worn look.  LOL.  These fit true to size and are made of a great material.  Well sewn and well made.  

#GotADiscount #review #AD #TopNotchTesters

Avidlove Women's Striped Tankini Set Two Piece Padded Swimsuits with Skirt

This swimsuit is ADORABLE!   I got it in pink and absolutely love it.  I did order a size up and it fits me great.  It's well made, arrived quickly and SUPER cute.  It comes in 4 colors and sizes up to XX-large.

#AvidLove #Discount #review #TopNotchTesters

#GOGOOUT Outdoor lightweight Portable Folding Camping Table


I have some solid tables for camping, I loved this one since it's easy to transport and doesn't take up a lot of room!   This is perfect to keep things up off the ground and clean while we're camping.  It's sturdy, well made and perfect for our needs!  Click the link above to see and purchase!

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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

I'm in love with a gnome! #7ProductGroup

I got a chance to review this cute little guy... and instantly fell in love with him!  Isn't he adorable!!!  I love him so much, I know want to collect them.  I'll be returning to this sellers store to buy more.  He's very well made, a nice large size... and did I say adorable??

I'm going to be keeping this guy up all year round, not just for Christmas time.  

AND - I have a coupon you can use if you want to get your own adorable gnome.  Click the link above and then enter this code at checkout and enjoy 25% off!:  TJLBC2B3

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Sunday, June 4, 2017

Sports Cooling Towels #Aulexy

If you do any kind of summer activities outside, or your kids are athlete's, you MUST HAVE these!!!

These are Amazing! The only thing you need to do is get them wet.  Soak,  wring and snap!  They will cool you down instantly.  When we go to my sons games, we get these wet and put them in the cooler.  OH WOW!  It feels amazing when it's super hot out.  I also give one to the boys to keep in the dugout.  

These really DO WORK.  Grab a pair or two, you'll love them! Click the banner above to see and purchase!

#reviewLife #GotItFree #Aulexy 

#Aulexy 4 Pairs Women Yoga Grip Socks

These are now my new FAVORITE socks!!!!  Now only are they SUPER cute with paw print grips on the bottom, but they're super comfortable!  The material is nice and thick and super soft!  They come just above my ankle, they're perfect to wear in the summer with tennis shoes. Great socks to wear around the house.  They fit me perfectly.  

I LOVE THEM!  Click the banner above to see and purchase!  You will NOT disappointed. 

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