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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Dog Vitamins... that my dog will actually EAT!

I got some Dog Vitamins that my dog will actually EAT!  I got them from Amazon, click HERE.  

I tried a different brand for my finicky picky dog, they were liver flavored and she wouldn't touch them.  SIGH.   My older dog loved them, but she'll eat anything.  Shameless.  

These are also liver flavored, but Miss Snickers ate one!  And the next day another one!  WHOOHOO, throw confetti in the air.  I love my pooch.  A LOT.  And I mean... a lot.   So I want her to have the best and keep her as healthy as I can.   This is a SUPER sized bottle with 365 vitamins in it.  She only needs one per day, so I'm all set for vitamins for a full year!  Not a bad price for one year of vitamins (today the price is $34.95)  

I'm very please with the ingredients and list of vitamins that are in these pills.  

I was lucky to receive these at a DISCOUNT in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion!  

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