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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Lights and clocks and charging... OH MY!

I got not one but TWO products from this company on Amazon.   And they are saaaawweeeet! 

The first item that I got is a night light/phone charger.  Well, it has USB ports so you can use it for whatever you need to charge.  You can see and purchase it here 

This one just plugs into any outlet.   It has a sensor on the side, so when it's dark it automatically comes on.   Want to turn that feature off?  There are little tiny silicone plugs!  Then the light will just stay on until you hit the power button to turn it off.  It has TWO USB ports.  Charge your phone, plug in a book light, connect a speaker... so many things you can do with that!  Super cute, great size for traveling works FANTASTIC!  5 stars!!!  

NOT to worry, I have a better photo of it!  

The other has several multi functions.  It's a light, lift up the bar and it has different levels of light.  It's a clock, alarm, thermometer, date, etc.   It even has a light on the bottom that rotates thru colors that you can turn on or off.  This is seriously SWEET.  Perfect for a desk.   This one has a USB type of cord... you can plug it into your little light!  PERFECT!  It's easy to set and does come with clear instructions.  

You can see more about this product and purchase it here.   

I was lucky enough to get BOTH of these products for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion! 

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