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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Ski Gloves.... a must have in Michigan!

I live in Michigan and Ski Gloves are a must for my boys!  I got some on Amazon for review - click here.   

They come in medium or large, I got them in medium since they're for my 12-year-old son.   They fit me perfect!  lol.   They are a good size for him, a little bit big but that's great so hopefully they'll last for a couple of years!

The snow isn't flying here yet, so we haven't tried them in the extreme weather yet.  What I can tell you is that they are nice and thick, well padded and warm!  The outside material is nice and soft, well sewn and put together.  The inside is  a soft comfortable material.  There are little dots on the fingers and palm for a good grip if you are using these for any sports.  They also have a clip so you can clip them together to keep them from getting lost. Or should I say separated?  This way, they can get lost together.  lol.  

these will come in handy at the bus stop and for outside during playtime!  Great purchase!  

I received these for FREE in exchange for my honest opinion and review.  All thoughts are my own.  

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