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Friday, January 13, 2017

Reviews: Kitchen canvas hanging bags and trash bags

I recently purchased a couple of products on Amazon.  First up were some cool canvas storage bags

 I was a little desperate for some kitchen organizing and more storage idea. I was super happy to come across these! They're just the right size too. Not so large that they take up a huge amount of space, but not too small that they don't hold the things I need them to.

There is a hole in the front if you want to keep bags inside, or need access to "stuffs" in the bottom. Nice sturdy metal hangers to hang on your cupboard door. Only draw back for me is the style of my ancient cupboards, the doors wont shut all the way! I put one bag on portable cart towel holder rod and it holds the bag perfectly. These can also hang on the inside of your cupboards. As long as you have a "flat" cupboard door, you'll be fine for closing it. Mine are just weird... they were handmade in the 60's. LOL.

I would recommend these, great added storage for my kitchen. I used one for pot holders, one for plastic bags and one for plastic wrap/tin foil.

I also got some trash bagsI wanted something for my medium sized kitchen style trash containers. This are 7 gallon but are almost as large as my 13 gallon. I took a photo to compare the size difference. The green is this 7 gallon the white is my tall sized 13 gallon. I have both sizes in my house. These are tall, but they come to a point at the bottom, it's not flat. Which I like, because I need the height of the bag. There is no ties or elastic at the top of the bags, just a simple type bag . Happy with my purchase and these work for my needs.


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