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Monday, January 9, 2017

Kangaroo's Jumbo Pull 'N Stack Game #Yagoozon #Kangaroo

This was a fun one to review!   I got this at a discount, it was not free.   I was on the fence wondering if I should spend the money.  My kids are 12 and 16.  Will they have fun with it???  

Find it here.   

Jumbo Jenga!   They loved it!!!!   My husband brought the box in off the porch when it was delivered.  He was like WHAT did you buy now???  The box was slightly heavy.  But thank you Amzon Prime, shipping was FREE!  The kids opened it on Christmas Day.... they were like "what the heck?".  Then we played with it for a couple of hours!  It was a BLAST.  Jenga fun times a thousand!  We played on the carpet for an extra challenge. 

SERIOUSLY, how fun?!   The pieces are huge (insert warning... this may scare your dog!)  They're perfectly formed, nice and smooth, and stack perfectly.  This will be a great game to play outside this summer!  It comes in a nice canvas bag to keep them in too.  Great toy to take camping this summer!  Love this purchase, tons of FUN.  

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