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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Best Valentines Day gift ever! Check it out!

Last year I got the most unique Valentine's Day gift!  Have you ever heard of Marimo pets?  

  • Marimos are the unique plants which look like a green ball. According to ancient Japanese folklore, the Marimo symbolizes love in its purest form. The unacceptable love of a tribal chief's daughter for a commoner forced the young couple to run away from the village. In an effort never to be found and separated, the lovers metamorphosed into what is now known as Lake Akan's Marimo, where they dwell together for eternity.

 Isn't that the best story!  This little gift set comes with a heart shaped glass bottle, glass beads, red sand, 2 marimo balls and a gift tag to personalize it.  It all comes in a black velvet bag for gift giving too.    

A Valentine's gift that will last a lifetime!  Super easy to take care of.   Just occasionally change the water.    See and purchase it here

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