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Monday, January 9, 2017

Ozeri Double Wall Glasses review #Ozeri

I got another Ozeri product to review!  Double wall glasses.  They come in a few different sizes, I got the 8 oz glasses.  

 I didn't know i wasn't supposed to put them in the dishwasher. They survived the dishwasher, but did not survive my son sweeping them onto the floor before we could use them! 2 of them completely shattered. So that was sad! They can not take a smack onto the kitchen floor!

I love the concept, with the double wall. You can easily use these with hot liquid and not get burned. Great for iced drinks, your hand wont warm up your drink! Perfect size for mixed drinks.

I would recommend them, just need to be very careful with them. I think we got too used to plastic and didn't care for them properly! The 2 we have left are nice. LOL

You can see the glass inside of the glass.... makes sense right?  Super cool and very convenient for hot or cold drinks. 

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