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Monday, January 23, 2017

Affordable cast iron pans!

If you haven't cooked with cast iron before, it's something you should really try!  They do take a little TLC, but they cook amazing!   I just purchased this set from Amazon.  

These pans are pre-seasoned which means they are ready to cook with right out of the box!  They will work even better if you season them one more time in your oven before using them.  It's super easy and the directions are right on the box!  

You get FOUR different sized pans  From super small for cooking a couple of eggs to large for making fried chicken!  You'll LOVE how evenly these cook and distribute heat.   Care for the pan according to their instructions and it'll last you a lifetime!   These are great for camping too!  

These pans are not as thick as say a Lodge pan, but I think they cook just as well.  and they're not as heavy which is a plus.  And at $32.97 (today's price) it's a steal!  

SUPER happy with my find!!!  

For more information or to purchase, click here.


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