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Sunday, March 19, 2017

#TheFitLife ceramic knife and screen door!

TheFitLife Professional 8 Inches Ceramic Knife - Best Chef Knife for Kitchen - Sharpest Black Blade Perfect Cut with No Sharpening Required Healthier Choice Premium and Stylish Gift


The Fit Life on Amazon has some really great products!  Everything I've gotten from there has been excellent quality.  My newest item is a ceramic chef knife.  These knives are deceiving, the LOOK like they wont be very sharp.  But it's sharp and cuts like butter!  

This arrives in a very nice gift box.  It's sturdy enough to keep the knife inside it too.  


It has a nice comfortable handle, a super sharp blade and a plastic sheath to protect the blade.  Care instructions are on the inside of the box.  LOVE this knife!!  Out of ALL of my ceramic knives, this is by FAR the best one!


Click the link for more info and purchasing:




The other product is one of those self closing screen doors.  I love this!  I have this going from my kitchen to my back porch.  When the kitchen gets hot I can just open my back door and this screen is there to keep all of the bugs out!   My animals have no problem going thru it.  Which is ok since I have another door they have to go thru to get to the outside.  So just a warning, pets can easily go thru this!  


This one is great quality and the magnets are nice and strong.  Perfect for my needs of letting air in and bugs out!   You can easily go thru it with no hands too, great for bringing groceries in!  


Check it out on Amazon here:  



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