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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Beach Blanket Review!

Compact Sand Proof Beach Blanket Oversized XXL 7’X9’ Ripstop Lightweight Parachute Nylon For Picnic, Camping, Outdoor Events 4 Anchor Loops & Stakes +4 Sand Anchor Pockets +1 Zipper Storage Pocket. 

It Amazes me how these can get crammed into tiny bags!  This is quite a large blanket and the bag is tiny.  It would be best for the beach since it's nylon.  This would work great for any outing though!  The carry bag stays attached to it, even when it's open so you can't lose the bag! Some small stakes are included.  I thought this would be really hard to get back into the bag, but it really wasn't!  I just bunched it up and shoved it in.  Nice little blanket!  It's going in my car cargo bin for anytime I might need it!  


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