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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Cat toys for my Snook Snooks from Amazon!

My precious boy got to be a product tester this week! I got this set of cat toys from Amazon.  Here's the link:

There are 6 toys included in a reusable bag.  A string of balls with bells and a feather, he LOVES that.  There is a plastic cage with a bell inside, a roly poly ball with a feather on top, which really fascinates him!  He loves feathers. A weighted wiggly ball with little seeds or something inside.  A cage ball with a mousey in it, he really wants to get mousey out.  And a little bag that says "cat nip", he has no interest in that.  So either it's not really cat nip or it's stale.  He usually goes nuts for it.  A little disappointed in that.  He's laying next to all of them purring right now.  LOL.  

Fun set of toys!  

I got this product at a discount, this is my honest and unbiased opinion

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