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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

#LifBetter Bluetooth Speaker Alarm Clock

 LifBetter Smart LED Bluetooth Speaker Alarm Clock with APP Control and 256(16x16) LEDs Screen for Pixel Art Creation, Social Media Notification and Built-in Microphone for Hands Free Calling.

This speaker is SAWEET!  

If you're new to bluetooth, don't be afraid to jump in!  It's so easy and fun to use.  I have Amazon Prime (of course!) so I use Amazon Music App.  I've downloaded hundreds of free songs AND got free downloads with my Amazon credits.

I have an Android phone.  I just simply open the "bluetooth" option on my phone.  Power on the speaker.   My phone automatically looks for and pairs itself to the speaker.  Then I just open my Amazon App and start playing songs! 

I love the dancing lights on this speaker!!!  It "dances" with the music, super cool.  The buttons for power/volume are on the side and easy to use.  The speakers are small, but put out a pretty decent sound!  MUCH better than I anticipated.  The cord that came with this is pretty short, so I just hooked up one of my 6' cords to it and run it from an outlet.  Doesn't have to be plugged in, just charge it up and play.  You can take it anywhere.

The box that it comes in is really nice too.   In case this is for a gift.  I would thing any kid or teen would love to have this! 

I would highly recommend this to family and friends.  Fantastic speaker!!!  *** sorry about the bad photos!  It was hard to photograph.   The colors of the lights are bright and vibrant.   Also, I'm still playing with this and learning the App features and alarm features!  

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