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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

#Calily Face Creams and Tea Tree Body Wash Reviews!

I will be reviewing pretty much the entire line of Calily products on Amazon!   They are definitely worth checking out, they've been great products!!  

 Calily Life Organic Tea Tree Oil Antibacterial Body Wash with Dead Sea Minerals, 33.8 Fl. Oz.-Extra-strength Formula - Enriched with Therapeutic Grade Oils - Combats Bacteria & Fungal Infections

 This body wash is almost perfect! While is does have the mildest form of a sulfate, it still has a sulfate. It also lists "fragrance", which is confusing, since it's supposed to be using all natural essential oils.

Clearly, I"m strict on what goes in my products! I'm a cancer survivor and a stickler for what goes on my children. I still think this is a good product and a good choice for a body wash. I will be a repeat buyer.

I really LOVE Tea Tree. It's a natural antibacterial. Foot fungus? This will clear it right up! Hey, it happens. Product smells great and works great.

I would recommend to family and friends. Nice product.

 Calily Life Organic Argan Face Cream with Dead Sea Minerals, 1.7 Oz. - Ultra-Hydrating - Anti-Wrinkle and Anti-Aging - Smooths, Moisturizes and Regenerates

I appreciate that this product comes in a glass container and not plastic! We'll get that over with right up front. lol

This has some pretty decent ingredients in it, I'm pretty happy with this. It does have dimethicone with EWG ranks as a 3 out of 10 for toxicity, but has names this is pretty safe. I'm comfortable using it. Also lists "fragrance" as an ingredient, not sure what that is or what it means. Not an ingredient I'm typically happy with.

This has almost a whipped consistency. It goes on very light, has a very light and pleasant scent, and makes my face nice and soft. Zero reactions or problems with this. After using this for a few days, I'm very pleased with the results! My skin feels light, fresh and soft.

Great product, I would recommend to family and friends. Even my dog thinks it smells good! LOL. Had to include that photo.

 Calily Life Organic Anti-Aging Retinol Day Cream with Dead Sea Minerals, 1.7 Oz. - Non-Greasy, Fast Absorbing - Anti-Wrinkle, Hydrates, Smooths, Regenerates and Strengthens

 oooh, lala!

Super light texture, a little goes a long way. So yay, you only need a little tiny bit to cover your whole face! I didn't have any kind of reactions or problems with this cream. It left my skin feeling very light and soft. The scent is light, reminds me a little bit of cucumber (I'm sure it's the aloe juice). Not offensive at all. I'm very pleased with the way this has left my skin after a few days, nice product!!

I would recommend this to family and friends, great product.

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