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Monday, February 13, 2017

#Calily Tea Tree and Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo and Condioners

I was super excited to try these from Amazon. Great price for both of the bottles, and they're a nice large size. Which I love.

I ONLY buy personal care products that are natural, clean and chemical free. With that being said, this contains Magnesium Laureth Sulfate as the second ingredient. The products I'm currently using, do NOT use sulfates. So I'm a little on the fence. By itself, this product can be harmless. But it can have impurities that make it an unhealthy option. (I believe). The magnesium version is better/gentler version than the sodium L sulfate, so it has that going for it. Which makes me happier. This ingredient is the part of the shampoo that "cleans", and the biggest ingredient after water, so it's worth looking into and doing research on further.

Now, the good stuff. Love the smell of both of them.  I'm a HUGE tea tree fan as well as Moroccon Argan oil. You can't go wrong with anything that has tea tree in it! I used one squirt of shampoo on shoulder length thick hair and it lathered up and covered all pretty well. I usually wash my hair every other day, so I did do a second application. I also used the conditioner, equally impressive. Nice scent, pumps out a nice small size. How did this leave my hair/ Feeling AMAZING. I'm at the end of day 2 and my hair is still nice and soft and clean.  Not frizzy either!

The bad? I don't see the shampoo listed on the site for purchase by itself! While I LOVE both of these, we go thru 4-5 bottles of shampoo in my family to 1 of conditioner. Here's the part where I beg the company to come out with REFILLS! I don't need the pump or the bottle, just a nice cost effective refill, that would be fantastic!

All-in-all, as picky as I am about the ingredients I use (I'm a cancer survivor and don't mess around) I WOULD purchase this product again and recommend to others. I don't take that lightly.

See the products and purchase them here:  

Try these out!  I really think you'll love them! 

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