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Monday, March 10, 2008

tart and tangy frame

Here's a close up of the Tart and Tangy picture frame. It's two pieces of chipboard tied together at the top. BOTH sides of the frame are decorated. I used the Summer Picnic papers, and One of a Kind and Boho Backgrounds stamp sets. The frame can also be made to sit side by side so you can see both decorated sides from one angle. Does that make sense? Ok, I just had surgery so I might not be making any sense....we'll blame it on that! Happy Stamping, Lara

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dhagberg2000 said...

Hi, Lara. My name is Debi and I'm a Stampahowlic! Sounds like a 12-step confession, doesn't it? Maybe...... anyway, I saw your Tart and Tangy class photos on Janice's message and was wondering if you could elaborate just a bit on the chipboard frame. Did you use large or small book basics and also how did you come up with the price for your class? I love that stamp set and this type of class would be perfect for me. Thanks for any info you can give me. I'm still feeling my way around! Deb Hagberg in PA