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Thursday, March 3, 2016

#PetNov Loving this pet brush! Even the cat like it!

You can see by my photos how pretty this glove made my dog!!! (Photos uploading if you can't see them)

I did a few gentle brushes just to see if I would get some hair, and I did. It brushed her gently and didn't hurt her at all. I was hoping to use this on the cat too, and he let me! The cat loved it! He has long hair that gets matted too.

The glove is adjustable with velcro so it'll fit anyone. It was calming for the dog and the cat, they just felt like I was petting them. The brush is EASY to clean, just pull the hair off and throw away! I love the free included travel bowl!!! Folds up flat so it's easy to take on the GO. I love to take my dog to the kids ball games, this fits easy in my bag, pops up and turns into a water bowl. The glove is well sewn and put together.

The only con I can come up with is the glove doesn't pull out a TON of hair. You still might need a good dog brush for that. This is something you could easily use everyday to keep your pets looking groomed and help with hair control.



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