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Friday, May 13, 2016

Best vitamins and chews from #primopup

My Abby girl is "getting up there" so I thought I would get her some doggy vitamins.   Since she is around 12-years-old I got her the senior multi-vitamin jar from Primo Pup!  She LOVES them, she thinks they're treats.  Packed full of vitamins and minerals, these are a great supplement for her.  Here's the ordering link:  http://amzn.to/23M9DR0.

After taking these for a couple of weeks, she seems to really be feeling better.  She was getting kind of "slow" and just acting like she hasn't been feeling well.  I swear she is getting around better and feels better.  YAY!    Since these were so great I got Snickers some Adult vitamins.  Even though we call her "puppy", she is an adult.  SIGH. 

Back to Primo Pup for these:  http://amzn.to/1UXAnh7.  

Of course my picky girl didn't like it much... until I added a little salmon oil for dogs.   Then she gobbled.  She's the rare dog that doesn't like much, we have to force her heartworm down!  UGH.  Every review I read on Amazon... their dogs them!  But I get her to eat them, so that is all that counts.  These are SO good for her. 

I'm really happy I went with this brand, they're fantastic vitamins for the girls.   Looking at more products from #primopup! 

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