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Monday, February 8, 2016

A fantastic water bottle!!! My baseball player loves it. #SteadyDoggie

Holy smokes, this is huge! I got it for my son that plays a lot of baseball, he loves it!

 * I LOVE that it has 2 different tops!!! He uses the "pour" type of spout when he's playing games or working out. He drinks white a bit of water when he's active. He uses the straw side when he's just sipping something at home. 
 * He doesn't really drink hot drinks, mostly cold. So we've tested the cold factor, it DOES keep your drinks cold! 
* It has a pretty wide mouth on it, so you can get ice cubes in it. I usually put in a lot of ice and he keeps filling it up. Holds 20 oz which is a pretty decent amount.
 * love the clip on it so you can clip it to your bag, or keep the second top attached to it. 
* stainless steel and BPA free, this mom loves that!! 
*well made and SUPER sturdy. This is going to stand the test of time and abuse from a 15-year-old!!!

 We love it!!! I would highly recommend this product!! I did receive this bottle for free in exchange for my HONEST and unbiased review. 

PICK ONE UP HERE:  http://www.amazon.com/dp/B018DSSR46

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