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Monday, January 28, 2013

Treasure Box Projects

Hum... It appears I keep forgetting to update my blog!  SHOCKING I know.   Here's a card I made using the Sucker 4 You file from TBD

And a phto of the SECRET ingredient used to get the faux frosting look.  :-)  Our little secret.
I made a LO using the Mouse Trap file.  I incorporated my little (not so little) kitty cat into this one.  His name is Lucky, but we call him Snooky.  Or Snook Snooks.  Or Himbs Handsom.  Ok I'll stop. 
But he IS a handsome boy!
I also altered a frame using the purse and wallet set.  Just print out the little cards and slap on some glue dots!  I'm ALL set for Valentines decorating.  Well... maybe I need a little more. 
And my month wouldn't be complete without a PIRATE project!  Ahoy there me Matey!  I love pirates.   Could be that Jack Sparrow is so CUTE!!!!!  Hello. 
That's it, your all updated!  And I'm exhausted.  Off to find Mr Handsome. 

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lifesabeach32940 said...

Lara ~ Thank you for sharing your secret for making the faux frosting. Your card (well, all of your projects) are awesome!!

Do you have any tips for applying the textured fabric paint to cardstock? Do you just squeeze it on, or do you use a brush to spread it?

Are the "sprinkes" actually beads?

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide. I've been wondering for quite some time how to get the faux icing look. I appreciate your sharing your secret!!