Lemongrass Spa Lara

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Some cards from March class.  I keep my cards pretty simple so that they're EASY to make.  


Anniebee said...

Hi, Lara! I love these cards! They may be simple in design but they are classic and lovely. I wish I could keep my designs more simple but it just doesn't work that way for me for some reason. For some, less is more but I'm a more is more kinda girl, I guess! LOL I want to thank you for visiting my blog during the 28 Candles blog hop and for your very sweet comments about my project. I'm doing my best to visit the blogs of everyone who left a comment and I hope to get to everyone eventually. I am following your blog now too. I'm a little pressed for time this evening but I'll be back soon to see more of your work.


Maria Elena said...

Great-great cards Lara ! Good job.
Thanks for commenting in my blog!
Have a great Thursday ;-)
~Maria Elena~

Emily Leiphart said...

Great cards, Lara! I love your clean and simple style - my favourite, too.